“ How have you found the program so far? ”

Emma H. asked a question
during the live chat Q&A Session 1 - The education and development opportunities on the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme
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Hi, how have you found the program so far? Has there been any specific challenges you have had to face?
HR Business Partner, Midlands And Lancashire CSU

Hi Emma - I think my biggest challenge as been my self confidence. You go in at a high level and there are people in your team who are more experienced than you are. What is great though is through your competencies you can build up your experiences quickly and the more you succeed the more your confidence grows

Emma H.

Thanks Lilly, thats a great answer and very helpful

Siobhan Q.

Hi Lilly that sounds very reassuring - did you find you were supported by the other trainees as well even if they were based in a different region?

HR Business Partner, Midlands And Lancashire CSU

Hi Siobhan, Sorry for the late reply!
For HR, as you go away for lectures the time out from work is very sociable as after lectures everyone will go out for food. So even though you are away from home you build up friendships really easily and interact with other trainees out of your region. I know personally that we have set up whats app & facebook groups where we can post queries related to education or work matters that perhaps we need help with. A lot of trainees post queries to all specialisms on an online forum that we all have access to or send round emails to our graduate emails.

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