“ Hey, do you have any advice for the application? Hopefully I will be applying for the 2019 intake. ”

Shanaii S. asked a question in topic Application Advice
to Taylor P. NHS Graduate Management Trainee - HR, NHS

on 14/06/2017
on 20/06/2017
NHS Graduate Management Trainee - HR, NHS

Hi Shanaii,

Sorry for the late reply. I think this question has been answered a few times on here, so I'd suggest going through previous answers to get a really wholesome answer. However, I would say a few things...

Firstly, make sure you can articulate why you specifically wants to join the NHS - what does it mean to you? This is key throughout the recruitment process.

Secondly, research the NHS Leadership model and try to align this with yourself. If you feel you posses the leadership qualities, highlight them in your application/interview with examples.

Thirdly, follow the scheme and other trainees on Twitter. It’s a great platform to share knowledge, and you’ll get a lot out of this - especially if you’re planning on applying in a few years. The sooner you start following trainees the better!

Finally, have a good read of the trainee blogs. I found these the best source of information - and it's all 'straight from the horses mouth'. They give a good picture of what the scheme looks like when you're actually on it - which you may be able to relate to in your application.


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Whatever your future leadership ambitions are, the NHS offers a fantastic start with a variety of challenging placements in an organisation that is wholeheartedly determined to provide equal opportunities to all employees. Selection for the scheme is based solely on aptitude and ability to ensure we have the best leaders for the NHS.

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