“ Hi, What are your working hours on the scheme? Also what are your general daily work tasks like? ”

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It really varies depending on where your placement is. For me (Health Informatics in London), I have fairly flexible working hours. The core hours when the whole team is meant to be in the office are 10-4, but we can get the rest of our hours in by coming early or staying late, depending on our preference/meeting schedule. I prefer to have a bit of a lie-in and work later!

In terms of daily tasks, there isn't really such a thing; my work is constantly evolving, as my manager wanted me to have the chance to experience roles across the department. However, most of the tasks for me involve working with spreadsheets or databases, or going around to various managerial meetings. Often, I attend these meetings with my line manager and am there to take notes and observe as much as to contribute.

General Management Graduate Trainee 2016 Intake, NHS

Working hours are fairly standard - most departments will have set core business hours with flexibility either side if you're an early bird or night owl (how flexible it is completely depends on your team, role and manager!). Worth noting that the NHS has plenty of staff working at all hours of the day so sometimes you may need to come in earlier or later to meet colleagues or shadow - for example when I was working on changes in our surgical day care unit, I came in at 6:30am to observe the admissions process and ward rounds. But I would then leave earlier in the day or take the time back another day - whatever I had worked out with my manager.

On the general management stream you could be in any role on placement - so it's hard to say what the general daily tasks are! Reflecting on the past year for my region's general managers, you might be reviewing waiting lists, chasing extra clinics or theatre lists from clinicians, managing staff or producing business cases for new services or changes. You could be project managing a new process on a ward or within a clinical service, or mapping out pathways to understand the patient experience and how we could make it better. Meetings are usually an integral part of a general management role, plus responding to plenty of e-mails too!


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