“ Hi! I am keen to apply for the Policy Scheme and was wondering what the nature of placements are on a day to day basis? ”

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Flexi Placement Project, West Yorkshire And Harrogate STP

Hi Fatima, general day to day office tasks include meetings, conference calls, desktop research and emails to name a couple, its project based work so anything you have to do to progress the work you're assigned, outside of the day to day work you also get lots of opportunities to attend healthcare related talks and events, that help you network and broaden your experience of the national and local healthcare system.

General Structure for Policy and Strategy

Placement 1 - NHS England (6 months plus 1 month orientation)

Placement 2 - Operational placement ( 6 months in a trust)

Placement 3 - Flexi placement (any England based organisation, outside the box learning that can brought back to the NHS)

Placement 4 - NHS England - (10 months)

Feel free to ask anymore questions,

Ryan :)

Policy Management Graduate Trainee 2017 Intake, NHS

Hi Fatima

Just to add a few details to Ryan's overview:
I am on the policy and strategy stream so my first 6 month placement and my last 10 month placement are both strategic roles in NHS England, while my second 6 month placement is a more operational one in an NHS Trust.

I only started in my placement 4 weeks ago, but the atmosphere in my team in NHS England is very friendly and supportive. My project is concerned with developing an evaluative model to measure and quantify financial benefits of improving advance care planning at End of Life. It's currently at an initial stage so my day-to-day job involves scoping the project with my manager and other key stakeholders. For example today:

- I came in at 9:30am (we have flexible working hours so that's fine as long as I work for 7.5hours)
- At 10am I attending our weekly 1 hour team meetings, called "project planning and risk register updates". For each project in the team the project lead outlines how they're doing in relation to their targets, and highlights any issues or problems they might encounter in the near or far future.
- I caught up with emails, and prepared the agenda for the meeting I was chairing in the afternoon (a meeting to scope my project)
- I asked a colleague how to use the conference calling technology for the meeting, not having done that before
- I spent some time booking a train for a meeting in London next week (I am based in Leeds but the other main office in NHS England is in London)
- I also had lunch with 3 other trainees today, for half an hour

I hope that gives you an idea. Each day is a bit different for me as sometimes I attend a few meetings (either ones I am involved with or ones where I can learn something about a different team/project). Other days I am more focused on doing background reading for my project.

An ex-trainee, Lucy, also gave an insightful answer a few years ago. Link here: www.nhsgraduates.co.uk/connect/our-insid… 

All the best, Laura

Fatima V.


Thank you so much for your responses. The scheme seems to be filled with great learning and personal development opportunities.

Another quick question - What advice would you have for someone applying for this scheme? Any specific tips?


We would recommend you follow us on SnapChat (nhsgradscheme) this week as our trainees snap about their day - it will give you some helpful insights.

The trainee blogs are really helpful too - for example: My most powerful tool in the @NHSGradScheme application process… www.nhsgraduates.co.uk/connect/blogs/201… 

Carefully research our website before starting your application - our Match Me Tool is a good place to start

Practice the online tests as much as possible - you can never take enough practice tests.

Good luck

Fatima V.

Thank you for your reply. I will definitely be following these tips and have been reading and following various blogs.


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Whatever your future leadership ambitions are, the NHS offers a fantastic start with a variety of challenging placements in an organisation that is wholeheartedly determined to provide equal opportunities to all employees. Selection for the scheme is based solely on aptitude and ability to ensure we have the best leaders for the NHS.

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