“ Would I get all training needed as I have no prior experience in it? ”

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to Alexandra S. NHS Health Informatics Graduate Management Trainee, NHS

on 23/11/2017
Hi Alexandra, I am about to apply for the informatics scheme, but I'm somewhat worried about it as I have no prior experience in informatics, it seems so fascinating. Would I get all the training needed? Thank you.
on 24/11/2017

Hi we will provide you with the training that you need however it helps if you have good IT skills and analytical & research skills

Links below should help give you some useful background reading

Good luck




on 24/11/2017
Anon user (#207974)

Thank you for the reply, didn't get past the Situational strength test.

on 24/11/2017

I am sorry you were unsuccessful this year. You can apply again next year if you wish.

Alternatively you could look at www.graduatesintohealth.co.uk 

We work closely with this team and would certainly recommend them to you if you are interested in HI

Good luck

on 24/11/2017
Anon user (#207974)

Thank you so much!

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