“ Should I include my work experience in the employment history section of the application form? ”

Simon B. asked a question in topic Application Advice
to NHS Recruitment Team

on 29/11/2017

I have entered details of my current/previous paid employment on the application form. I was wondering whether this is the stage to add unpaid work experience/volunteering too. The page states 'please share your work experience with us' but when you click on 'add' it states 'Employment History' and asks for company name and job description.

Please could you clarify what you are looking for in this section of the application form?

Kind regards,

Simon Brunner
on 29/11/2017

Yes you can include it there. Just put down the name of who you volunteered for & what you did.

Good luck

on 29/11/2017
Simon B.

Many thanks for the clarification!

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