“ 2017 is the second time I’m applying and not getting past the personality profile. How do you pass this stage? ”

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What are you looking for in the personality profile? I will be applying again for this scheme again next year 2018. I really need advice.

This isn’t an ability test instead it looks at your behaviour & attitudes to see if they match our leadership model so it is perfectly possible that the graduate scheme is simply not right for you & you should consider other paths into the NHS




In terms of passing the test would strongly recommend that you read our trainee blogs & the healthcare leadership model to understand the behaviour we value.

Plus this might help too

Psychometric tests: what they are and why graduates need to know targetjobs.co.uk/careers-advice/psychome… 

Funwi N.

Thanks for the advice. Taken on board

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Whatever your future leadership ambitions are, the NHS offers a fantastic start with a variety of challenging placements in an organisation that is wholeheartedly determined to provide equal opportunities to all employees. Selection for the scheme is based solely on aptitude and ability to ensure we have the best leaders for the NHS.

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