“ What are the day to day and long term challenges that you face on the scheme? ”

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Hi Sadia, this is a really interesting question. The specific challenges that you face as a trainee will vary depending on the role and organisation that you are placed in. Some typical day-to-day examples would be dealing with operational pressures such as staffing shortages or a lack of bed space. Long term it would be things like motivating clinicians and other groups to engage in service development/improvement, financial pressures and recruiting in hard-to-fill posts. Good luck with your application!

Sadia K.

Hi Sukhraj,

Thank you for answering my question. Could you perhaps elaborate by providing examples of how you solved some of the challenges that you've mentioned (staffing shortages/ lack of bed space etc.)


NHS General Graduate Management Trainee, NHS

Hi Sadia given this is a graduate entry role with no pre-requisite NHS experience necessary I don't think the interviewers will be asking for this level of specificity. I think you'd be better off investing your time in building strong examples of the skills required to solve these sorts of challenges such as team-working, communication etc. I would expect the competency based questions to be more along the lines of; when you've had to deal with a difficult colleague, an example of when something hasn't gone right and so on.

Sadia K.

Hi Sukhraj, thank you for your response. That definitely makes sense. I will focus on the competencies you've mentioned for my A/C day.

Thanks again,

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