“ What kind of day to day challenges are involved? And what kind of steps do YOU take to solve some of these challenges? ”

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Hi trainees! I've read about the various day to day challenges faced by General Management trainees, however I've not really been able to find out much about what it is specifically that you do to solve issues that you are faced with. Could you give me a few examples? I'd appreciate any insight you could provide.
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It depends entirely on the challenge and the placement you are on.
Most of the time, solving issues need you to work with other people in the team to think of solutions or implement the solutions. In some cases, you'll know what needs to be done to solve an issue, but the circumstances of every problem are different so what worked last time might not work again, and even when you think you've solved something you might have caused an issue somewhere else, or the situation has changed so you need to relook at your options.
A simple example might be a clinician calling in sick with an afternoon clinic. I'd try to see if anyone else on the team could cover the clinic but it could be a specialist clinic or everyone else could already be in clinics so that might not be possible.
Are there any patients that must be seen today? - if so, can I move them into one of the other clinics as an extra patient?
Does it need to be a consultant - would another member of staff be suitable?
If I can't get it covered, when is the earliest I can get these patients back in? Do we run an extra clinic, overbook clinics, or are there spaces coming up?
I can't answer all these questions myself, I need the team to look at the patients and see if there are any I should be aware of. I need to talk to them about the possibility of covering or overbooking clinics. We have to come up with a plan together that's best for the patients, and the team.
Hope that helps in some way - other issues might be something you can sort out yourself or with a handful of people.

Sadia K.

Thank you Fiona. You've given me an idea of the kind of things I can expect on the scheme if I get through.

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