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Do you find that you often have to juggle and prioritise different tasks? What kind of tasks do you prioritise over others?
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I would imagine across all placements everyone has to do some sort of juggling and prioritisation - the specifics would depend on the placement.
For my second role, I'm a service manager so a significant amount of my time is operationally filled - with some project work alongside.
I tend to plan to do certain tasks each day or week, so I ensure I get important tasks done on time and make some progress on my project work, however, I often have to prioritise something more urgent instead. For example, I could plan to do some research on information for our website but one of the consultants calls in sick - my research can wait, but I need to try to create a plan for any clinics they were due to run that day as soon as possible.
It is usually clear what needs to be done first, or what is more important, and you shouldn't be afraid of delegating appropriate tasks to others in the team if you find you need to be in two places at once. Normally, something can wait until tomorrow or next week, or you can see that certain tasks will have a greater impact on patients and the team than others.
Just remember that it's easy to always put off the non-urgent tasks until tomorrow, and then the next day, and the next, so remember to carve out some dedicated time to get those tasks done before you find they have become urgent as the deadline is next week!

Sadia K.

Thank you so much! Really helpful.

Harriet N.

Hi, I am currently in a strategic placement so am juggling multiple projects with their own priorities and deadlines. I plan out each day with the tasks that need to be achieved but all with the knowledge that something more pressing may come up that will throw your plan out of the window! Echoing Fiona's comments, with time you understand how and which tasks to prioritise and it is important to delegate appropriately. Best of luck!

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Hi! I'm currently working in a business intelligence team, so the majority of my work isn't urgent in the same way that a service manager's might be. We're generally looking at much longer term projects and deadlines. That said, there's never a shortage of work on the grad scheme, and prioritisation is always a necessity. I usually break my longer term projects into smaller daily or weekly goals so that I can work on projects for multiple services concurrently and don't get to a deadline and have one project really thoroughly completed and another one barely started! Hope that's helpful!

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