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Hi, I'm going to apply for the scheme after recently completing a 2 week placement in the HR department at my local trust. Im worried about the online tests and after practicing a few times i have been coming out with grade C, which they say is what the majority of people get. Are they looking for people who score higher? it doesn't say anywhere what the pass mark or pass requirements are? Also any more advice for the application process would be appreciated, thanks :)
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There have been a few other questions about online tests so you might want to look at these posts too www.pathmotion.com/app/discussions/index… 

In terms of the online tests I cannot stress how important it is to practice them several times. Don?t just take our tests ? there are lots of other free ones out there too. Here are some links ? whatever you do never pay for an online test or advice on online
tests ? there are lots of free resources to use.


So practicing will go a long way to psychometric success but remember?

Tests are timed & may be designed so that it is unlikely that you will be able to finish ? don?t let that put you off

Essential that you balance speed and accuracy

Work as quickly and as accurately as possible and avoid guessing

When you take an online tests ensure you are in the right frame of mind & have peace & quiet. The room is set up for you e.g. you have pen & paper handy, good Wi-Fi connection, a drink, no one will disturb you, plenty of time, etc.

For our tests you should allow 30 minutes for each 1 so plan when you want to take them carefully.

Just try and make yourself as comfortable as possible in the situation and remember to remain calm.

In terms of pass marks it is difficult to be specific with you ? getting a grade C is as they imply is average ? so you have a chance & don?t let it put you off but if you should try and improve if possible. We cannot say what the pass requirements are as it will depend upon the candidates who apply ? we take about 1000 candidates who achieve the highest scores on a combination of all 4 online tests through to the next round. We do have a minimum score on the verbal & numerical test but if you are scoring a C you should be OK but don?t get complacent as it can come down to fine margins.

You might find this link helpful too www.nhsgraduates.co.uk/application/hints… 

Good luck :-)

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Hi Rosie,

Just to add to what the recruitment team have said, I found it helped to go over GCSE-standard maths in preparation for the numerical tests e.g. fractions, percentages, interpreting graphs- the sort of things you would expect to use to the business world. The maths and English itself isn't that hard, it's just the questions are often worded in a complex way with multiple components so staying calm and taking the question a stage a time is key.

If you are still able to access your university careers service (at some universities you can do this even after you graduate), they may offer practice sessions or advice- mine even gave me a quiet room to sit the tests in!

Good luck with your application!


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I understand that there is a numerical reasoning and verbal reasoning test but what are the other two tests?



GMTS Trainee, NHS Leadership Academy

You can find full details on the 4 tests here www.nhsgraduates.co.uk/application/appli… 

the other 2 are SJT & personality

Toshif E.

I want to work within nhs but i hate the tests and few mates have told me its difficult

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I have been doing the practice tests and the numeracy I cannot get more than 10/12 my step dad is an airline pilot and he tried and had same score. Is there any way of seeing the correct answers?
Have been using different online tests too and am averaging a B, except in logical reasoning-something I have never been able to get my head around. Finding a pattern in a set of pictures just baffles me.
My friend just sat the tests and said it was very difficult.


We don't use the logical reasoning test in our process so for our scheme you don't need to worry about that particular test www.nhsgraduates.co.uk/application/appli… 

If you are averaging a B that will probably be good enough but obviously it will depend upon your results across all 4 tests.

We don't have access to the correct answers to the practice tests you'd need to contact the providers to see if they'd be willing to share it with you.

Good luck

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Besides the websites mentioned, are there any other resources, (free or paid)? Specifically, is there a book that anyone can recommend to help tackling the verbal tests?? Although practising is good, I think there should be some expert advise on how to tackle these questions (especially the verbal ones), be it in terms of tactics, approach or step by step methodology...Many thanks in advance!


We certainly wouldn't recommend that you pay for any additional support/information. The above should be enough for you but if you want to do more research online go ahead - plenty of free resources available. Be very careful of people/books offering tactics as tests are different so one approach not right for all of them. The only tactics to adopt for tests other than what we've outlined above is to work as quickly & accurately as you can - don't make wild guesses & be as honest as you can when answering questions about yourself - don't try & second guess what the employer is looking for.

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Hi there,

I would like to apply for this scheme but have a form of dyslexia that effects my short term memory (discovered at the end of my 3rd year at university). It has little effect on a day to day basis and I know it would not affect my ability to be a success within the scheme, but it makes a big difference for timed tests, especially with averages for 1 to 2 min per question, as it takes a little extra time for me to read and process the information. My questions are:

1. Would this be taken into consideration at the test stage?

2. If I acknowledged this openly in advance would it then be held against me for the rest of the scheme (I.e. being viewed as if I cant do the questions quickly enough I can't cope with the scheme, or would it be used as criteria against me if I am able to progess to the final stages and am competing against an even smaller group of candidates)?

Thank you


Yes we would take your dyslexia into account at each stage of our selection process. However by that I mean we take it into account so we can adapt the selection process so it will not have an adverse impact upon you e.g. for timed tests you would get extra time.

FYI In terms of the online tests only 2 of them NRT & VRT are timed.

Therefore I would strongly urge you to tell us when you apply (there is a section for this in the application form) if you have any needs during the selection process. Otherwise if we are not aware of this we cannot take it into account as described above. Candidates can always talk to us about any adaptions we make to ensure they are right for them.

Every year we have candidates who disclose they need adjustments in the selection process & we are do our best to accommodate them. As a result we see a diverse group of candidates joining us each year including those who have dyslexia, dyspraxia, anxiety disorder, visual impairments, etc.

So do go ahead and apply for the Scheme and feel comfortable in sharing your needs with us knowing that we'll take it into account but not to unfairly disadvantage you

Good luck

Scott V.

Thank you for your detailed response. It is fantastic to hear, particularly that you have such a varied range of candidates joining your organisation. As businesses are often searching for the perfect candidate, it is somewhat daunting to reveal something that may be held against you. I am glad this is not the case here. Many thanks!

Could you offer some advice regarding the CIPD qualification and the HR branch of your scheme?

I have my heart set on this scheme but as it does not start until 2015 I will need to find other work between now and the start date, ideally in HR so as to develop my understanding and to provide cover for all eventualities (e.g. if I should be unsuccessful in my application). Many companies ask that you want to study for a CIPD, but your scheme doesn't accept people with this qualification.

Would I still be eligible for the scheme if I have only completed modules, not the full qualification? Is there any other advice you can offer?

Thank you


Hi There

Glad to hear we have put your mind to rest – our intake is certainly diverse! Yes we are looking for the perfect candidate but this is in terms of their potential not the “other stuff”. Appreciate it can be daunting to reveal this sort of sensitive information as part of a selection process but we certainly won’t use it to disadvantage you – quite the opposite!

I’m afraid there isn’t a straight forward answer to your question. Yes for our Scheme you cannot apply if you have the CIPD qualification as a major part of our Scheme is you completing the qualification with us and implementing that learning in a practical manner while sharing the learning journey with your fellow cohort. Therefore it is an essential part of the Scheme hence our requirement.

If you have gained the CIPD qualification you will be unable to join the HR Scheme but obviously can apply to other streams. However if you have just completed one or two modules our education provider may exempt you from sitting that part again (but be warned they may also still expect you to take it again).

You also need to bear in mind if you do start studying the CIPD with another employer and then leave them to join us they would probably expect you to pay for your tuition fees/any costs incurred.

If it helps previous experience of working in HR is not assessed as part of the selection process to join the Scheme so you can certainly gain some work experience while you are waiting to apply/join but it doesn’t have to be NHS/HR specific.

Good Luck

Scott V.


Would it be an advantage, disadvantage, or neutral if you worked for the NHS before in either an admin role or as a pay band 3 recruitment officer?



Hi Scott Previous experience of working for the NHS would have no impact on your application
Good luck

Scott I.


Having graduated in 2009, I do not believe I count as a recent graduate anymore. Would this be a problem?

Thank you in advance,



Hi Tania
The year you graduated has no significance as long as you meet our entry requirements which can be found on our website www.nhsgraduates.co.uk/application/entry…  Good Luck!

Christianah E.

Would we need to be skilled in currency conversion and ratio for your numerical tests? Or would percentage, division, subtraction and multiplication be enough?


Hi the practice test on the link we supplied you earlier (and below) shows you the areas covered by the tests that you should be familiar with


Gowthami B.

Hello Recruitment Team,

I'm very keen to apply for the scheme this October. In this regard, can you please let me know whether the Online Psychometric tests (all four) are TIMED or NOT?


We are currently reviewing our online tests & will put details on our website shortly. You will be required to take 5 online tests & they will all be untimed. Good Luck

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Will you use negative marking in the tests?


You need to work as accurately as possible not take wild guesses and yes incorrect answers will impact upon your results

Louise W.

Very helpful thread. Thanks NHS Grad recruitment and those that have asked questions :)

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So it is definitely untimed? I have read that you have to answer the questions in a minute per Q?


Yes the tests are untimed

Francesca W.

Can I check whether we need to do Logical reasoning tests? I am a bit confused having seen the mixture of comments above. Thank you!


This thread has been going for some time hence the discrepancies. You have to take 5 online tests which include a logical reasoning one. Full details will be emailed to you when you reach that stage. Good luck

Emma H.


I will be applying for the graduate management training scheme within the next few months. I just wanted to check if I have managed to identify the correct five tests and if there are any changes this year. I've heard there are numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, SJT, personality and logical reasoning tests. Is this correct?

Thank you in advance.


Hi Emma yes that is correct for the 2017 Intake you will need to take 5 online tests - situational strengths test, personality profile and verbal, numerical and logical reasoning tests.

So start to practice now using the above links! Plus make sure you read this too


good luck

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Where are the practice tests that the NHS offers for the online tests?

Also, are these untimed tests?



You can use the links at the top of this page to get access to a variety of tests which should be more than enough for you. If you want more you can Google them, just please do not pay for any - there is no need for that.

Good luck

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Hi, are the tests untimed?

GMTS Trainee, NHS Leadership Academy

Yes that is correct. You will be given more details when you apply

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What is the ratio of successful applicants to non-successful applicants ?

GMTS Trainee, NHS Leadership Academy

It varies from year to year but we start with around 12,000-16,000 applications however less than half (normally around 5000?6000) finish the online process.

We than invite around 1000 people to interview & than 300 to assessment centre. We appoint between 100-140 people.

Chidi E.

Can I apply as an international graduate? I just concluded my Msc but my visa expires in February. I don't mind flying back for the interview if selected


Yes you can apply so long as you meet our eligibility criteria


& can attend the various selection stages in person

Good luck

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If I am in my 3rd year doing a Mathematics undergraduate degree, can I apply? I have't seen any Maths course in you eligibility section and I also have't finished and I don't know so far what degree qualification I might get at the end


You can apply without knowing your degree classification but obviously you will need to achieve at least a 2.2 before your offer will be confirmed.

We don't ask that you have a particular degree - details below

George L.

I have also a source for Psychometric Tests mettl.com/psychometric-tests 

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Hi, I commenced a nursing degree (left with a pass degree in health studies) I have at least 180 credits, which I believe should be equivalent to a level 5? Is this suitable for your requirements?


Hi I'm not sure of the answer so please email your query to Graduatescheme@leadershipacademy.nhs.uk  and they can help you. Good luck

Tunde L.

Am an international medical graduate.do  I qualify to apply for the programme


Hi as per our reply to your tweet please find full details on our entry requirements at www.nhsgraduates.co.uk/applications/entr… 

Nikita S.

Just looking at the online tests for the grad scheme and it mentioned video SJT. Is this a SJT where I answer by recorded video, or are the situations presented using video, or both?


For the video SJT the questions & scenarios are delivered in a video format (with the dialogue/scenario in writing below the video as well). You are not required to complete a video response in this test. Full details will be provided to you when you reach that stage of the process - good luck

Mike I.

Hi I am applying for the HR stream would I need to completed a numberical test or that only for the other streams

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Hi, I am a current NHS employee considering applying to the NHS graduate scheme for next years intake. I am currently at Band 6 pay point 24. I am wondering what the current salary cap is for Band 6 applicants? Many thanks


Hi Mike I apologies we missed your question in the long thread. Yes all our streams are required to take the numerical reasoning test.


Anon user (#233303)

If you are an NHS employee on the closing date of applications for the scheme with a minimum of 12 months service at that point in time, you may be eligible for protected pay up to a maximum of 85% of the maximum of Band 6 based on your average basic salary over 3 months prior to starting the scheme (excluding high cost area supplement). However I would strongly recommend you check this again when you apply in case there are any changes to the requirements.


Whatever your future leadership ambitions are, the NHS offers a fantastic start with a variety of challenging placements in an organisation that is wholeheartedly determined to provide equal opportunities to all employees. Selection for the scheme is based solely on aptitude and ability to ensure we have the best leaders for the NHS.

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