“ I need a mentor, can anyone help? ”

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I am planning to apply in 2014 after I completed my Health Service Management degree and would like a mentor. Not only for the application process, but someone who can give me advice and guidance. Can anyone on here help?
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Hi Odette,

Once you get on to the scheme you'll be encouraged to find a mentor and there are a lot of experienced and senior members of staff who take up the role of a mentor.

In terms of the application process itself, I'm not really sure how you would benefit from a mentor, or what support you expect to gain from a mentor. We're all here to give you advice and answer any questions, but in a way that doesn't give any one person an unfair advantage over another.

Any questions let me know


NHS Graduate Management Trainee - Finance, NHS

Hi Odette,

I have to agree with Nilam. It would not be appropriate for any one of us to be a mentor to yourself, especially me, as I do not have that much experience within healthcare.

Please come to us next year for insight into the scheme. But for now, good luck with your degree.


NHS Graduate Management Trainee - Finance, Wrightington, Wigan And Leigh NHS Foundation Trust

Hi Odette

Great responses by Sagar and Nilam and I would totally agree!!! We are here to help answer any questions throughout the application process as well as the support provided by the scheme themselves! Once you join the Nhs you will be encouraged to get a mentor but this is not to say you can't find one beforehand. If it's advice and guidance your looking for look for someone in a role you aspire to achieve in the future and if this is within the Nhs then I am sure they will no doubt provide valuable insight and information which will only enhance your knowledge going into the application process.

For any application process specific questions however we can help with general advice and tips but I would recommend doing lots of research into the scheme/Nhs and know and be able to articulate why you want to be on the scheme!

Good luck



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