“ Do you have the option to work flexibly? ”

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Is there flexibility with the hours I can work (i.e. flexitime)?

It will vary depending upon the organisation you are based in. Most will normally be willing to let you flex your hours so long as they fit in with the operational requirements of your placement.

Graduate Management Trainee, NHS Leadership Academy

Hi Laura,

I'd like to contribute my own experiences to this discussion... As mentioned above, the flexible working options available to you will depend on your placement organisation.

The reason for this is that each service had their own unique demands, and you will get the most out of your placement (and likewise, your placement will get the most out of you) if you are around during the services main operating hours.

Having said that, my placement manager has been incredibly supportive in terms of flexible working! I commute on the M62 to get to work everyday, and it very quickly became clear that rush hour traffic was making a fairly short commute MUCH longer. I had a conversation with my placement manager about this, and it was agreed that I would work 8am-4pm rather than the usual 9am-5pm- in order to avoid the busy motorway traffic. This has made a huge difference!

I'd recommend that when you first visit your placement organisation, you have that conversation with your placement manager. Be open about your concerns, but at the same time keep in mind the reasons why your manager might want you be around at specific times.

I hope this helps to answer your question. If you have any more concerns on this topic- please do let me know!


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