“ Hi everyone. What would you say are the main differences between the DHSC scheme and the policy & strategy scheme? ”

Anna S. asked a question
during the live chat Q&A on the new NHS Graduate Scheme: The Department of Health & Social Care Health Policy Fast Track Scheme
to NHS Recruitment Team

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Claire M.

I'm also really interested in the answer to this question, it's quite hard to figure out from the information we have thus far!

Senior Programme Lead - Resourcing, NHS Leadership Academy

Hi Anna I am sure my DHSC colleagues will have their own thoughts on this. For me the main difference is one is based in the NHS the other is based in the civil service. So that means a difference in the culture and your working environment -if you look at the blogs on our scheme you can see what it is like in the NHS:


Anna S.

Thanks Rob, I'll have a look at both the NHS and civil service blogs.

DHSC Health Policy Fast Track Scheme, DHSC

Hi Anna - I would also suggest you have a look at my answer to Jacob's question, where I've provided links to some of the work we do in DHSC

Anna S.

Thanks Hannah, I will do


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