“ Thank you for you time, is there flexibility to choose between the scheme during the assessment process? ”

Saba S. asked a question
during the live chat Q&A on the new NHS Graduate Scheme: The Department of Health & Social Care Health Policy Fast Track Scheme
to NHS Recruitment Team

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I have chosen DHSC scheme, as second place to my first choice in the NHS Policy and Strategy scheme. Is there flexibility to choose between scheme, once you get to the final assessment stage?
Senior Programme Lead - Resourcing, NHS Leadership Academy

No you will be offered a place on your first choice if successful. If a scheme has spaces and you are suitable and have scored well you will be considered for that space


Whatever your future leadership ambitions are, the NHS offers a fantastic start with a variety of challenging placements in an organisation that is wholeheartedly determined to provide equal opportunities to all employees. Selection for the scheme is based solely on aptitude and ability to ensure we have the best leaders for the NHS.

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