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I just competed the entry requirements for the NHS graduate scheme.
Is mental health nursing an option? I have no medical training.
DHSC Health Policy Fast Track Scheme, DHSC

Hi Tanya, can I just check which stream you've applied for? I can only speak for the DHSC Health Policy Scheme, which is slightly different from the NHS-run streams, and focuses on policy and strategy work. Thanks, Hannah

Tanya C.

My degree is in working with children and families and have decided I would like to go into mental health nursing but to be honest,I am not sure if any of the pathways are suitable?

DHSC Health Policy Fast Track Scheme, DHSC

I might have to throw this one open to some of the other Insiders, as we wouldn't offer this option on our Scheme Tom L. is on the general management scheme and looks like he might have some similar training and experiences

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