Amy F.
Graduate Managment Trainee
Specialism Policy and Strategy

About Amy

Key Experiences

From studying History at Nottingham to developing national policy
On completion of my Medieval History degree from the University of Nottingham, I joined the Policy Support Unit in NHS England where I developed a wide range of national policies with teams across the organisation, such as with Medical Directorate on Wheelchair Services and with Specialised Commissioning assisting Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) in their implementation. I also developed and delivered workshops for NHS England staff to improve the quality and consistency of our work outputs. I then moved to Yorkshire Ambulance, where I helped develop the process for creating partnerships with other organisations and developed the policy for collaborative working. Next I moved to Leeds Teaching Hospitals, where I was a fresh set of eyes, researching the processes and procedures used in their Clinical Decisions Unit to make recommendations for positive change.

It's been a huge transition from the student world of history essays to the adult world of national healthcare but to be honest, there's still referencing/PowerPoints/essays and reports to be done, and that's before the education elements have started! It's a decision I would definitely make again - it truly is life defining.

Current Position

I develop national policies to improve individual patient experience
I'm placed within the Policy Support Unit within NHS England for my first placement on the scheme and there is so much variety within my job! I'm developing how-to guides for commissioners so they can provide more patient-orientated care. I'm helping STPs implement their changes. I'm drawing together case studies on technology within End of Life Care to share the knowledge and developments of successful systems for a more national approach. I'm creating workshops for NHS England staff to improve briefings given in parliamentary hearings and board meetings and workshops to advise on the most effective and efficient way of designing policies with the patient in mind. And all of this I have begun in my first proper month within the organisation, so I can't quite comprehend how much more I have to offer in my next five months.

Main Motivations

Every day is different and every day I make a difference
Every day I come into a supportive and energised office to work on projects which inspire me. I have a very dedicated, motivating team who are strong advocates of open and evidence-based policy making. We come in every day to take tasks from problem to solution, and this results in a better NHS and therefore a better patient experience. I am making a difference to people's lives every time I work on my projects and the values of the NHS really shine through in the work we do, always thinking about and speaking with the patient and clinicians to ensure we fully understand and reflect the frontline in our policy making.

The orientation at the beginning of the scheme gave me a much better understanding of our NHS and the issues it faces, and now every time I sit down at my desk to work on a project I recall the way the frontline staff and patients inspired me to better our services and it reminds me of why I am here.

Top Advice

Step out of your comfort zone and discover the difference you can make
The NHS is built on the passion and values of the people who contribute to it. Compassion is key, make sure you believe in the values of the NHS and nothing can stop you. The Grad Scheme is not expecting you to know what you're doing from the off (I know I definitely didn't) - we are trainees. It is looking for people who genuinely want to make a difference to peoples lives and who have a desire to contribute to a world-class healthcare system. It's an opportunity to grow and develop, to learn and excel, and it is two years of asking silly questions to get to know the NHS so we can continue as future leaders to deliver care and compassion to all. Throw yourself in, ask the silly questions, learn and discover as much as you can and use it all to show what you can do.

Greatest Achievement

Leading a project to improve wheelchair services nationally
My greatest achievement on the scheme so far is leading my own project which has such a huge impact for wheelchair users. My role involves developing a how-to guide for wheelchair service commissioners, a specification for a model service, and key help and support for clinical commissioning groups. It has a very clear impact and when completed I will be able to see exactly how my work has improved lives. I am very excited about this project and hopefully that passion and enthusiasm will be evident from the difference the project makes to wheelchair services.

It is also a huge step for me as it is my first full project to lead. I am liaising with other teams within NHS England, other NHS bodies, charities and service users and I am gaining a lot of invaluable experience along the way!


Whatever your future leadership ambitions are, the NHS offers a fantastic start with a variety of challenging placements in an organisation that is wholeheartedly determined to provide equal opportunities to all employees. Selection for the scheme is based solely on aptitude and ability to ensure we have the best leaders for the NHS.

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