Liane L.
Specialism Finance Management

About Liane

Key Experiences

Wanderings in commissioning following the interesting bits
I joined the NHS as a graduate trainee on the finance scheme, which some thought was an odd choice for a philosophy and sociology graduate from Leeds - in part to keep my options open as you can be a general manager with a finance background, but it is a lot harder to switch the other way, and because I thought it would be a good grounding for any direction my career took me in (and it has been).

I spent 5 years in finance and as acting Head of Finance, doing all the bits that 'normal' finance people didn't want to do, like meddling in service redesign, training non execs in how the money flows and all sorts of other opportunities that you get in a truly matrix working environment like the one I was lucky enough to work in at Castle Point and Rochford PCT.

Then I took a look at my next career steps and concluded that I didn't want to stay on the Finance Director track and do more technical accounting as the most fun parts of my job were working with the GPs and re-engineering the system, using finance as an enabler for change. So I jumped ship, took a pay cut and moved back to Leeds to join the National Primary Care Development Team to work full time in service redesign.

After that I spent 4 years working for myself, accidentally becoming an IT person along the way, broadening my horizons and range of experience across the country as I wanted to get closer to the delivery again than I was in an 'arms length body'.

The diversity of experience I gained through these experiences has made me an unusual Director of Commissioning, with a tendency to have an opinion on everyone else's portfolio too - but my Chief Officer assured me that was an asset! It is certainly helpful to have been interested in the roles of others now that I am a Chief Officer myself.

Current Position

I lead the team who design and buy services for North Lincs people
I am Chief Officer for NHS North Lincolnshire CCG which means I am responsible for ensuring that the people of North Lincolnshire get the NHS health services they need.

This includes speaking to the population about what they want, gathering evidence about what works, designing and procuring services, managing performance and taking action to ensure we improve.

Because we are a small organisation I am still hands on with communications and engagement, primary care development, medicines optimisation, planning, performance, strategic development, HR, organisational development, commissioning, strategy, finance and a selection of other things. This makes for a busy and fascinating average day at work.

Main Motivations

Variety - I am easily bored, but never get the chance to be
In all seriousness, apart from a mercifully short stint in a high street bank, I have spent all of my career in and around the public sector and wouldn't have it any other way.

In my current role I get as much variety, and more importantly challenge and the opportunity to learn and stretch my brain than in any role I've had.

Equally important is working with a great team who share my vision and drive to improve the health and well-being of our population.

Plus, I finally have freedom to act which matches my level of responsibility and accountability - which actually reduces my stress levels!

Top Advice

Find something you are passionate about improving - and do that
Passion is what keeps me going through the tough days, and makes me better on all of them.

Passion helps you focus on the contribution you are making, from any part of a system, even when others may not value it. That sense of purpose keeps you focused and helps when the task at hand is too dull for words.

Passion is infectious and will bring others on board to help you achieve your goals.

Greatest Achievement

Something yet to come I hope...
I've been involved in a lot of interesting and exciting programmes, and delivered all sorts over the years, but I am hoping that my biggest achievement is yet to come, as we are in the process of putting together the sustainability and transformation plan for Humber, Coast and Vale - so watch this space...

I'm leading on Mental Health for which I have a passion, so this is a great opportunity to implement a material change.


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