Mark P.
Business Development Manager
Specialism General Management

About Mark

Key Experiences

From Band Roadie to Business Development Manager
During the early part of my career I worked for a number of private companies covering a range of areas within IT such as technical support, customer service and web design. Along the way I’ve developed a small online e-commerce business, worked as a Roadie and Deejay for a local band, and more recently started to dip my toes into the world of Property Investment. I finally joined the NHS in 2011 and it has been this which has proved to be the most inspiring and rewarding career move to date.

Although I keep my fingers in lots of pies, the range of experiences this provides has helped me put together what sometimes feels like a huge jigsaw. I'm still learning but I’ve learnt to value this and continue to improve my knowledge and skills whenever I can.

Current Position

Business Development Manager and Account Manager for ICT Services
This role is part of the Business Development Team within ICT Services, whose role is to implement a clear ICT business planning and delivery culture throughout the organisation, ensuring good practice and value for money in the design, procurement, and implementation of all IT developments.

Developing Business solutions in line with core business processes, responsible for supporting managers across the Trust in the development of solutions contributing to Business Cases and Service Investment Proposal’s (SIP's).

Also the ICT Account Manager for the Clinical Support Division at the Trust.

Main Motivations

I feel incredibly valued and enjoy putting into practice the many skills I learn
For the first time in my career I feel like I am a truly valued member of staff.

I get the opportunity to work with senior managers and other healthcare professionals across the Trust in order to understand their business needs and IT requirements. Once needs are clearly understood I am then able to lead and support teams in delivering new and exciting technologies which provide real benefits.

I really enjoy my work and it's a real pleasure to get up in the morning and know that I can make a real difference to both Patients and Staff alike.

Top Advice

You have to kiss a lot of frogs…
It took me long time to figure out where my career path was heading. Before I joined the NHS I had spent years in different roles within the private sector; being honest, I had become tired of working hard but never feeling like I was able to have the positive impact I wanted. I was keen to progress my career but was initially concerned that in joining a huge employer such as the NHS I might become 'just a number'. However, so far I am happy to say that this hasn't been the case – I now feel valued and always get out what I put in.

I’ll never forget a presentation delivered by Jan Sobieraj, the Managing Director of the NHS Leadership Academy. During the presentation he asked the audience what kind of fingerprint they will leave on people. I don't think I'll ever forget that; whatever I'm doing in my day job I try to leave a positive impression and have some kind of positive impact, even if just small one.

In summary the best piece of advice I can give is to grab every opportunity with both hands, be resilient and never give up!

Greatest Achievement

A “model of good practice” for Patient and Public Involvement
At my current organisation one of the achievements I am most proud of is being a champion for Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in Healthcare. As part of my position at NUH I also cover the role of PPI Coordinator for the ICT Services, recruiting a number of Patient Representatives who we can involve in all that we do. This work has been held up as a “model of good practice” within the Trust and has resulted in shared learning that can be used in the many important ICT projects at the Trust.


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