Sh'anesu A.
Finance Management Trainee
Specialism Finance Management

About Sh'anesu

Key Experiences

I initially took up Accounts to help me become a food entrepreneur
I studied Accounting and Management at university, having studied Accounts in high school back in Zimbabwe (my home country). As my passions and hobbies lie within my creative side (cooking, writing, art, etc), and as I have a passion for community development, I initially saw myself in a career in hospitality as a chef, or within a charitable organisation or an international organisation like the UN, helping to develop communities and supporting businesses to grow sustainably, occasionally travelling around the world, etc. After going to university and landing this grad job, I realised that I could do most of those things without being confined to one particular role. I will get to develop communities in a different way than I originally imagined, focusing mainly on the healthcare and wellbeing of the nation, something which is crucial for any national economy to thrive. I still get to travel the world and learn about different cultures without being tied to a career in hospitality or tourism, and best of all, I get to work in such a diverse organisation where I will be exposed to a lot more cultures than I grew up with in Zimbabwe!

Current Position

I will be helping the NHS to become financially efficient
I will be part of a team leading the way in helping the NHS to address financial challenges, and also to ensure that the service gets the best value for money in order to focus on improving the service without too many financial constraints. I'd also be supporting the NHS to ensure that we spend more on delivering our vital services to patients, as they are at the core of the NHS. My role will be crucial in assisting decision-makers in making the best financial decisions for the service, mainly focusing on local needs within my region and of course, all across the UK.

Main Motivations

Contributing to the improvement of the national health services
I am quite excited to be part of a team that will support and improve our national health service in order to provide the best service yet. I believe that organisations, no matter the sector, have the potential to grow and develop to be better versions of themselves than they were the year before or a decade before, provided they have the best team to drive that. Being part of a strong team whose main goal is to develop the nation's health and the well-being of the population is a huge honour, and I'm most excited to see what impact my team and I can make on the service's finances.

Top Advice

Believe in yourself, work hard and be a pleasure to work with!
I personally have had to take a few detours in my plans regarding my career, but with each revelation and each experience, what I originally envisioned for my future has changed - for better. It took a lot of self-belief and determination to stay motivated and to be confident enough to seek out the help and support of those I look up to. I've been privileged to work amongst really inspirational and ambitious individuals who have directly and indirectly inspired and mentored me, by proactively seeking such opportunities. I have also discovered that I personally don't belong in one box - I am a multifaceted individual, therefore whenever I apply myself to something that may not be obviously aligned with whatever I'm working on in that season, I dedicate myself without neglecting whatever else that's a priority in my life. If that's you, work hard and learn to prioritise. Believe that if you apply yourself, work hard and work smart, you can achieve it. One of the best pieces of advice I've ever received came from Michael Brodie, the Finance and Commercial Director of Public Health England, in which he told me to keep a strong network of individuals who can support and add value to me, while I also do the same for them. Be a pleasant person to work with, and be kind and treat everyone with respect regardless of their background, status, role, or anything else that makes them different to you. Ask questions whenever you're uncertain, as that's how you learn and develop. Take charge of your own personal development, and seek out opportunities to bring extra value to your role. Take advantage of the training and courses offered by the Civil Service to develop who you are as an individual and as an employee. Work hard, but also work smart because the world really is your oyster as long as you apply yourself. Lastly, ensure you're passionate about whatever you're doing and remember why you pursued it in the first place. That is essentially what will keep you motivated when it gets tough.

Greatest Achievement

I climbed Mt Kilimanjaro!
I haven't quite made incredible achievements in my career just yet (considering I'm yet to start), but my greatest achievement so far has been climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa and the second highest mountain in the world, just shy of Stella Point, at approximately 5,756m above sea level. I wasn't particularly fit back then, so I never imagined I could make it that far up. The reason for the climb was to fundraise for Cancer Research UK, but sadly, I didn't reach my fundraising target. Nonetheless, it's still my greatest achievement so far as it tested my strength, determination and my self-confidence!


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